Future Forward:  Technology, Leadership and Competitive Advantage

Technology Sector

What technologies and business trends will have the biggest impact? What changes will most impact the world of startups, high-growth companies, and early-stage investors?

Future Forward is about building bridges, making connections, sharing experiences, and establishing relationships between the most creative people and companies throughout the region. We think of it as the "Future Forward Set."

What makes the Future Forward programs different from other events you may attend is that it's intensively interactive. There are no plodding "how to" tutorials, no pre-fab company pitches. Every program is designed to blow by the obvious and arrive at real insight -- some of it served up in an intimate workshop format and some of it, at the retreat, served up by the presenters and moderators onstage, with contributions by the movers-and-shakers in our audience. Future Forward is unique in that most of the people in the audience are regular speakers at other conferences; they participate in Future Forward to be among peers.